Snack Grabber - 3 pack

Snack Grabber - 3 pack


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Enrich your yoga and meditation with this beautiful set of 100% pure beeswax candlesticks in each of the chakra colors:  red, orange, yellow (natural beeswax), green, blue, indigo and violet (purple). Enlighten your self-care practice with the natural beauty of beeswax.The Enlighten Line brings you everything you have come to expect from Honey Candles®. Each candle is hand dipped in Canada with love and care using 100% pure Canadian beeswax and a lovely touch of color.  Long-lasting, with a warm, soft glow, and a subtle honey aroma, our beeswax chakra candles are sure to enhance your spiritual experience.This beautifully designed box of 7 candlesticks is a great gift for yourself or someone else!

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