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Welcome to the anti-plastic food wrapping revolution! Or at least our version of an old-school food storage method.

Here is an added BONUS... check out our wrappers, they are embedded with wildflower seeds so you can plant them in your garden and make more bee food. How cool is that?!

Eco Freindly Lifespan

Can be used and reused until you feel it's time to replace it, about a 2 years on average. Then, with a clear conscience, toss it in the compost and grab your next set!

Size & Colour Options

Size: 1 @ 14"x14"/ 2@ 10"x10"

Available in a multitude of colour and pattern combinations,a quick seach through your store and you are sure to find your perfect match!

Care Instructions

Easily clean with lukewarm water and castile soap, pat or air dry. Best to keep away from raw meats, warm/hot foods or surfaces.


Made with 100% cotton fabric (organic and conventional), local Canadian beeswax, sustainably sourced tree resin, organic jojoba oil

Handmade In Canada With Love

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How Do I Use These Wraps?

Your beexwax food wrap can be used for so many things!

WRAP IT UP! sandwiches, veggies, fruit and more. Use as a cover for a bowl, over a platter or wrap that fresh bread to retain its softness.

Besides reducing your plastic dependancy beeswax food wraps help by keep your food from spoiling as they are breathable and won't trap moisture like plastic.

Have some fun! Breakout your oragami skills and do a little folding to create pouches, bowls and bags! We hope to have some videos here soon for inspiration

How Do I Clean My Wraps?

Wash Rinse Hang Repeat!

Your wraps will last longer and retain their coating best when washed in your sink with a soft cloth, using plain tepid water and a castile based soap. Detergents tend to strip off the oil and wax overtime reducing the life of your wraps. Wash, rinse in cool and hang to dry, its that easy.

How Do I Plant My Seed Paper?

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